League Management


Manage as many teams as you need within any season. Participating teams are not the same as the last season? Just define new teams and create your new season's schedule with the new teams. All teams and past seasons will be saved without any changes.


There is no limits on the number of participants you can create. You can assign them one or several roles according to their responsibilities: Player, Marker or Manager. You can even give access to any participant by using their own email address so they can update their own profile or get personalized content.


Enter all the games of your season in a snap. Select opposing teams, game day and time and field where the game will be played. Your season schedule and any changes made ​​thereafter will be automatically visible on the website and the mobile site.


You can save as many seasons as you want and give it any name you want: regular season, playoffs, Summer of '69, etc.. Then select the participating teams, voila!


Enter all the fields and locations of the league. Record geographical coordinates of the field so people can locate it in a map tool like Google Maps. Your fans will be on time for Playball!